Patient and Family Advisory Councils

Primary Health

A Passion for Listening

The leadership teams overseeing Urgent Care services and the Integrated Care Campuses engaged the council on patient experience. Council members suggested minor improvements at the West Pavilion location including moving the weigh-in space to a more private area and decluttering patient rooms to create calmer environment. Moving the weigh-in space has since been standardized across all urgent care settings.

Another recommendation was having the medical assistant and provider enter the room as a team to hear the patient story once, eliminating the need for the patient to repeat themselves. Since piloting this change, this location has seen an increase in their patient experience metrics, specifically around provider communication.

It was wonderful to get a perspective from the patient on what access means to them. It will help us shape the strategy work for primary care. I am so grateful for the time and commitment we have from our PFAC members. The passion and servant heart to help lead care close to home is felt in every encounter. Thank you for your engagement.

Erin Inman, Vice President

Thanks to all of our Council Members:

Primary Care Patient and Family Advisory Council Members

  • Kirstyn Monroe, Chair
  • Samantha Mayse, Vice Chair
  • Mark Allen
  • Julie Alles
  • Shanell Merriweather
  • Cassie Slater
  • Amy Vervaras
  • Loretta Visser
  • Michael Weiden
  • Mike Wykes

Primary Care Leadership

  • Erin Inman, Vice President
  • Julie Wolowitz, Vice President
  • Larry Genzink, Sr. Director
  • Susan Smith, Sr. Director
  • Deb Sprague, Improvement Specialist
  • Lisa White, Administrative Assistant

The leadership team is willing to listen to feedback from those in the community to improve the patient experience. It shows they truly care and strive to continuously improve the quality and delivery of care.

Kirstyn Monroe, Chair

Member Highlight - Samantha Mayse

Can you please share your or your family’s experiences with Spectrum Health?

My family and I have been Spectrum Health patients for years. Both children were born at Butterworth Hospital and all four of us see a Spectrum Health Primary Care physician. We’ve experienced care at urgent care facilities, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital and the Emergency Department. Each time, I trusted the doctors and nurses would provide us with the best care possible.

What motivated you to be a part of the PFAC?

As a community, we are lucky to have such a great health care system in our backyard. Since having children, I have been pushed into more health care experiences. I found it difficult to juggle work commitments and the health care needs of young children. This really motivated me to join the PFAC to make sure that the patient experience continues to be an area of focus.

What PFAC accomplishments are you proudest of? What makes you stay involved with the PFAC?

I’m proud of the accomplishments in the primary care, laboratory and radiology spaces. From wayfinding during the Blodgett Hospital parking ramp renovation and discussing patient expectations of radiology results to sharing what patients value when searching for a primary care provider, our input was valued. I know I’m making a difference in my community by sharing my experiences and those of family, neighbors, and coworkers.