Patient and Family Advisory Councils

Orthopedic Health

Coordinating Care After Trauma

Orthopedic Health leaders engaged the Ortho Health PFAC to provide convenient and comprehensive care for patients who have suffered a traumatic injury. Services for orthopedic trauma patients can result in disjointed services as patients travel to multiple clinics and providers throughout West Michigan.

The new Multidisciplinary Trauma Clinic at the Medical Center offers coordinated appointments and collaboration with trauma specialty providers from Acute Care Surgery, Burn and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation all in one visit. The patient also has the benefit of a nurse navigator guiding their journey.

The council was actively involved throughout the new clinic process, reviewing proposed floor plans, walking the space during construction and giving feedback on the new care model. Council members brought input on the environment that only those who have experienced a trauma could convey, ensuring that all patient areas would be accommodating for those dealing with neurological and physical trauma.

The Orthopedic leadership team is grateful for the opportunity to partner with a group of people passionate about our mission to create personalized health made simple, affordable and exceptional.

Mo Miller, Director

Thanks to all of our Council Members:

Ortho Health Patient and Family Advisory Council Members

  • Laurie Supinski, Chair
  • Darrell Van Fossan, Vice Chair
  • Kathy Conrade
  • Matt Cunningham
  • Scott Huckaby
  • Linda Leatherman
  • Caren Robinson
  • Chelsee Stark
  • Suzanne Van Fossan

Orthopedic Health Leadership

  • Peter Jebson, MD, Vice President, Department Chief
  • Sarah Banks, Vice President
  • Mo Miller, Director
  • Nicole Wills, Director
  • Deb Sprague, Improvement Specialist
  • Lisa White, Administrative Assistant

I appreciate the open and honest discussion that takes place at our PFAC meetings. Each member brings a unique experience and perspective when discussing the topics that leadership brings to the table. I feel as though the leadership genuinely values the member input and uses the feedback to shape the work they are doing.

Laurie Supinski, Chair

Member Highlight - Caren Robinson

Can you please share your or your family’s experiences with Spectrum Health?

In many ways, Spectrum Health has become an integral part of our family for generations, from Primary Care to end of life care. I experienced long hospital stays and rehab processes after a vehicle accident. Spectrum Health helped us through some of life’s most intense experiences, decision-making processes and second chances at life by being progressive and dedicated to my health and well-being.

What motivated you to be a part of the PFAC?

I learned about the PFAC from a fellow member who heard about my experience. I wanted to see changes made on the provider level for those with similar experiences. I am motivated to be a voice for progressive change to improve family education and support.

What PFAC accomplishments are you the proudest of? What makes you stay involved with the PFAC?

I’m most proud to have been involved with some of the developmental decisions for the opening of the Trauma Clinic. I’m proud that our suggestions were taken seriously and implemented. I