Patient and Family Advisory Councils

Ludington Hospital

Improving Emergency Department Care

The Emergency Department (ED) is often a patient’s main entry point into Ludington Hospital. There are more than 24,000 annual visits to the ED from year-round residents and visitors to our community.

The Ludington PFAC focused on improving the patient experience. The members walked through a simulated experience of how patients are seen in a timely manner and provide recommendations on how to improve care team communication. They provided input around the value of communication in a way that a patient can understand. The ED team embraced the feedback and are utilizing the white boards in the patient rooms for effective communication. They are also focusing on making sure patients understand their discharge instructions. Additionally, the council gave feedback about environmental opportunities such as improved lighting.

The Ludington Hospital PFAC has served our leaders very well as diverse representatives of our community. They challenge us to be our best and to think about how we can improve the health care beyond the walls of our buildings. The unique perspectives they offer on topics from newborns and school-based programming to stroke care is invaluable.

Helen Johnson, Chief Operating Officer

Thanks to all of our Council Members:

Ludington Patient and Family Advisory Council Council Members

  • Alice Jones, Chair
  • Cindy Muzzo, Vice Chair
  • Erika Burgess
  • Rusty Fralic
  • Debb Kalmbach
  • Becky Lederer
  • Dani McGary
  • Sue Miller

Spectrum Health Ludington Leadership

  • Randy Kelly, President
  • Helen Johnson, Chief Operating Officer
  • Kate Gosselin, Chief Nursing Officer
  • Jody French-Sroka, Manager
  • Kristen Farmer, Director
  • Cindi Lehrbass, Executive Assistant

I appreciate the diverse group of volunteers who have a combination of positive experiences, but also instances when we did not live up to the expectations of the patient or their loved one. Each one of us joined the PFAC to be a voice of the consumer and help “find a solution.”

Alice Jones, Chair

Member Highlight - Rusty Fralic

In the spring of 2018, I had surgery scheduled and wasn't very keen on using the Ludington facilities due to an unpleasant experience back in 2014 with my wife. No one looks forward to surgery, but here I was, hoping for the best. I felt a change since my 2014 visit. The staff made me feel comfortable from the time I stepped in the door. The nursing staff kept me informed about delays and all went well. I felt the staff was very professional and did their job well. I was asked to complete a survey on my experience and it's great to see an organization looking for honest feedback. They demonstrate a proactive approach to seek world-class medical staff and innovative care for their patients.

Volunteering lets me meet people from all walks of life. Each advisor has a special point of view and important data to share. It's good for my health, gives me a sense of purpose and enables me to be part of a local community.

The project that has been most exciting is the planning for a new expanded Oncology Department. We've been helping facility engineers with design ideas, discussing patient needs, access, location and optimal utilization of the space.