Patient and Family Advisory Councils

Acute Health

Transitions through the Emergency Department

Spectrum Health Emergency Departments serve as the “front door” for our communities. They provide care for high level traumas along with immediate and urgent health concerns. The role of the care team is to assess patients quickly and identify the most appropriate care path. This year, the focus was on mapping out next steps for these care paths – transitioning to either inpatient care, to another care facility or home.

The council rounded multiple times, evaluating the processes and the communications shared with patients and families, including a virtual consult with a community partner for the behavioral health patients we care for. Council members reminded the team that patients may be stressed, in pain and out of their element. A simple “is there anything I can do for you?” goes a long way in providing comfort.

Sharing time with patients & families and learning their perspectives toward improving the care we deliver is most rewarding.

Ken Johnson, MD, Vice President, Department Chief

Thanks to all of our Council Members:

Acute Health Patient and Family Advisory Council

  • Jeannine Lemmon, Chair
  • Ginny Baxter, Vice Chair
  • Elias Dababneh
  • MaryJo Goethal
  • Scott Kovacs
  • Daryl Smith
  • Brenda Tuttle
  • Andrew Zeno

Spectrum Health Leadership

  • Ken Johnson, MD, Department Chief
  • Nancy Schwallier, Vice President
  • Mary Dougherty, Director
  • Deb Sprague, Improvement Specialist
  • Lisa White, Administrative Assistant

Congratulations to Jeannine Lemmon

2019 Spectrum Health ACE Volunteer Award Recipient

Being part of the Acute Health PFAC is a rewarding experience. During my tenure, I have seen firsthand the impact our input has had on improving patient care in several areas, including communication, safety, and comfort.  Spectrum’s leaders clearly value the perspective that council members have on the initiatives that they are working on. The priority that they place on involving PFACs in their planning is impressive.

Jeannine Lemmon, Chair

Member Highlight - Ginny Baxter

Can you please share your experiences with Spectrum Health?

Our experience reads like a broad and deep resumé of experiencing the best of the best. My husband, John, benefitted from the lifesaving and health producing talents and medicine from a multitude of services. Our previous healthcare experience was with leading institutions in California, Minnesota and Illinois. Spectrum Health met and exceeded those experiences. The interactions, expertise and professionalism were successful and impactful, not only for John but for our children and me.

What drove you to be a part of the PFAC and why do you stay involved?

Spectrum Health has provided our family with tremendous expertise, care and healing. Our immense gratitude informed our need to give back to the organization and the members who made such an impact on us. When asked, we immediately joined the Cardiovascular Council and Acute Health Council.

What PFAC accomplishments are you the most proud of?

We appreciate and enjoy the engagement with Cardiovascular and Acute care leaders, fellow PFAC members and those who attend meetings to address specific needs or initiatives. The ability to help influence positive care and experience for others and potential improvements for Spectrum Health is not only gratifying, but also an opportunity to pay it forward. The dedication of the council and the leadership is inspiring. It is an honor to serve.